We are all about equality here at Mooncat & Muse, but not all soap is equal.

Not all soap is the same.

We make beautiful soap that smells great. But we also want to make you a promise. We promise that we will always be honest with you about what matters most to us, so you can feel as good about using our products as we do about making them.

First, ingredients matter.

And not just for your skin! They matter for animals and the environment, too. Whenever possible, we use organic components. We only use palm oil that was certified by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil. Our colors and fragrances are cruelty-free. We always work with others who use ethical and environmentally sound business practices. 

Second, time matters

Soapmaking takes time and then the soap takes time, too! All soap needs time to cure before becoming it’s best soapy-self - at least 6 weeks. We would never want to send you anything less than the best!

Third, being handcrafted matters.

Other soap (you know, the ones with twenty chemicals on the label?) might like to hang out in soggy puddles, but because our soap is the real deal, it’s best if you care for it a little differently. Give it a nice, dry place to rest in when you aren’t lathering up a storm!

And speaking of care - we care about our impact on the planet. We reuse and recycle in our workshop, and we generally avoid the use of plastics in our packaging.

Most of all, you matter.

Have another question about the art of soapmaking, or about the science behind it? Or the ingredients we use? Maybe you just want to request a special soap, or maybe you want to make soap yourself? Email us at muse@mooncatandmuse.com